Should I join Qnet?

Sneha Batra
4 min readJan 29, 2021

As someone who has talked more than a few times about the benefits of starting a Qnet network marketing company in India and how it allows you to achieve financial freedom. But how good is starting a Qnet direct selling business? Is Qnet safe? Should I join Qnet? Let us see if we can help you better understand about Qnet business and answer the question on whether if you should join Qnet.

What is Qnet?

Qnet is a direct selling network marketing company in India with over 20 years of experience providing high-quality products to people. It uses the direct selling network marketing model of business where the company uses Independent Representatives to sell Qnet products to people, who in turn get a part of the profits as commission.

How does Qnet make money?

Qnet makes most of its profits by selling high-quality products that they get directly from world-class manufacturers around the globe. While most companies that invest heavily in marketing their products in the form of advertisements, Qnet does not use marketing. Instead, the network marketing model of Qnet allows it to use its Independent Representatives to make sure that their product gets the exposure that it needs. This allows Qnet to sell their products at a much lower price and also allows it to pay commissions to the Qnet IRs. Now that you have seen how Qnet is able to sell its high-quality product for such a comparatively low price and still turn a huge profit while helping millions to become financially secure.

Now let’s turn to the main reason why you are here- should I join Qnet? While my answer to the question will always be yes, it is, after all, a choice that you will have to make yourself. But maybe I can tell you something that could help you to make a decision.

Here is why you should be a Qnet IR.

It helps you to be a successful entrepreneur: Qnet allows you to start a business of your own without the need for a large investment or to have to come up with a new product. Not only that, as the success of the company as a whole is dependent on the success of each member in the network, you get access to a large range of information, resources and mentors that will help you in your journey as an entrepreneur.

Financial freedom: Qnet allows you to be your own boss and to start a business where you can make money and become financially free. The coronavirus pandemic and the fact that millions of people lost their livelihood and savings due to the financial issues that caused has taught the world that financial independence is more important than ever.

Flexible work environment: One of the benefits of starting a Qnet network marketing company in India is that it allows you to have complete control over your work and personal life. You get to decide every aspect of your business, including how long you work, the business hours, the amount of money and effort you put into the business. This makes it especially a great option for people like housewives, stay-at-home parents, retirees, and students.

The second source of income: Qnet allows anyone to have a second source of income without quitting their day job. Having a second source of income is one of the best ways of achieving financially free.

I hope this article has helped you find an answer to your question- should I join Qnet? If you have any more questions or concerns about the same, join the conversation in the comment section. Also, follow my page to keep updated on more topics about Qnet and direct selling.



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