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Sneha Batra
3 min readJan 28, 2021

I have always been a proponent of huge and effective means of starting a business of your own with limited investment and to achieve financial independence. Qnet India has helped millions of people around the country to start their entrepreneurial journey and to become financially independent. But I also realised that I have not explained to you guys how you can become a Qnet direct selling independent representatives. So, how does one join Qnet, and should I join Qnet? Let us try to answer those question right now!

Is Qnet a genuine company?

We have already answered this question in a previous article that I wrote on my page. But yes, Qnet is a genuine company that is registered under the government of India and pays tax to the country. Qnet has over 20 years of history, providing high-quality products and helping millions of people start a business of their own.

How do I join Qnet and become a Qnet Independent Representative?

Becoming a Qnet direct selling independent representative is just a matter of a few clicks. You can start on your journey of becoming a Qnet direct selling entrepreneur by visiting the Qnet login site-, or by using the Qnet mobile app. After opening the Qnet login page, click on the enrol button to start the joining process. When you register to become a Qnet IR, you will be asked to provide the ID of the Qnet IR that referred you to join the company. Once you have entered all the details like name, country etc., you will be asked to pay the registration fee and will be given access to your very own Qnet virtual office. With the help of this Qnet virtual office, you will be able to build your own Qnet business and decide what Qnet products that you want to see. You can access your virtual office anytime with the help of the Qnet login page or the mobile app. The Qnet website is a great source of knowledge, news, success story, business tips and more that can be helpful you in your journey as a Qnet direct seller.

Why should I start a Qnet direct selling business?

I have talked about the benefits of Qnet and starting a Qnet direct selling business multiple times in the past. Not only does Qnet help you to start a business that is easy to start, but it also helps you to become financially independent. It is an especially effective way to start your entrepreneurial journey if you do not have a large amount of capital to invest. And because of the fact that you are selling products that Qnet has spent millions of dollars in researching and developing, you do not have to spend any time or effort in making your own products or marketing them. All these factors make Qnet an ideal place for one to begin their entrepreneurial journey.

I hope that I was able to help you understand more about the working of Qnet and help you answer the question- should I join Qnet? If you have any doubts or concerns about the same, you can join the conversation by



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