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Sneha Batra
3 min readFeb 17, 2022

I have always wondered why people were so crazy about air purifiers. To me, for a long time, the home was where the fresh air was. Away from all the pollution and problems of the city streets, the air at home seemed like it could do no wrong. But lately, I have realised that the air in your home also could be hiding some invisible dangers. And I realised why you really need an air purifier at home. Maybe this article can help you out too.

How does an air purifier work?

Air purifiers work the best in a closed system. It works by sucking in air through one outlet, purifying it before pushing it out through another outlet. There are many ways by which an air purifier does the purification process. Different kinds of air purifiers use different technologies to purify the air. Some use UV lights while others use a HEPA filters to remove all kinds of suspended particles from the air. SHARP even has a patented plasmacluster technology that uses positive and negatively charged ions to remove all kinds of suspended particles and to remove dangerous micro-organisms from the air.

Invisible dangers in your home

Many of us are oblivious of the dangers that hide in the air we breathe. You do not have to live in the city to be hit with danger amounts of pollution, or be in the middle of the pandemic. Even before the COVID pandemic forced people to be more careful of the air they breathe and what is in it, there have been a number of air borne infections that people had to be careful of.

The air you breathe is also filled with other dangerous pollutants like VOCs, suspended particles like pet dander and pollen that can cause allergies etc. These can cause irritation of the respiratory system and cause complications for people who suffer from allergies, asthma attacks and more.

Why Choose SHARP SmartAir Air Purifier?

QNET India has always been on the forefront of finding solutions to the pressing issues in life. So it is no wonder that they partnered with SHARP to bring one of the best air purifiers in the world to the Indian market. The SHARP SmartAir Air Purifier is hands down one of the best and smartest air purifiers available in the Indian market.

What makes SHARP QNET SmartAir air purifiers from other air purifiers in the Indian market is SHARP’s patented Plasmacluster Ion technology. The unique Plasmacluster Ion technology is capable of removing almost all kinds of suspended particles by using positive and negative ions that are similar to the charged particles found in nature. You can find a more detailed explanation of how the Plasmacluster Ion technology works from this article. Air purifiers with the plasmacluster ion technology can even remove 91.3% of coronavirus in under 30 seconds and its efficacy has been certified by over 30 labs globally.

Having an air purifier at home has become more important than ever. The need has only been increased due to the onset of the COVID19 pandemic. And when choosing an air purifier, it is important to choose one that is best suited for you!



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