Who are direct selling jobs best suited for?

Sneha Batra
4 min readOct 7, 2020

It would not be an over-exaggeration of things to say that the direct selling industry and top direct selling companies in India like Qnet has changed the way people shop and has helped millions. Be it through their range of world-class products or by allowing talented individuals to find a means of livelihood, the impact of direct selling in India in 2020 is undeniable. But who is best suited for direct selling jobs?

Well, the short answer to that question is anyone. If you have a little bit of extra time and wants to use that time to make some money, direct selling is perfect for you. But you are not here for the short answer, are you?!

Stay-at-home parents

Being a stay at home parent in India in 2020 can be a tough job. Even if you are a stay at home dad or a housewife, not being able to contribute to the household income can be a little depressing to most. This is why direct selling online businesses are such a great opportunity for spouses who stay at home and take care of the household work.

By using a few hours every day to improve your direct selling online business, you will be able to contribute a healthy sum into your family budget. In fact, direct selling statistics show that a reasonably high number of people in the field are stay-at-home dads or housewives who use their free time to run a direct selling marketing business. If they can do it, so can you.

Retired professionals looking to keep active

Research has shown that many older people, mostly retired professionals, go through mental and health issues after they stop working. This might be due to the fact that they cannot keep themselves occupied or busy after they leave their job.

The direct selling businesses in India allows retired professionals from any field to stay active while earning a little bit of extra cash. Not only that, socializing for direct sales can also help them to stay mentally fit and positive in life. All this makes being a Qnet entrepreneur a good opportunity for retired professionals.

School and college students

Being a student, especially a college student can be the most demanding and draining parts of life. You are thrown into a world that you are not fully adapt in handling and might feel weak and helpless in.

Not only does being a Qnet direct selling entrepreneur help a student gets some extra pocket money, but it can also help you develop valuable life experience and skill. The feeling that one gets when they realise that they are a capable entrepreneur and can earn is a pretty strong and inspiring one. And the best thing is that the flexibility a direct selling business in India offers means that you do not need to sacrifice on your education.

Professionals that have a bit of time to spare

While taking on more responsibilities and duties while working full time might not seem like the best of ideas, it is something that can be achieved with a bit of determination. The only way to escape the rat race is through financial independence and direct selling companies like Qnet allows you to achieve it through a bit of hard work and dedication. Many of the successful figures in Qnet India once began as professionals who worked as direct sellers and distributors in their spare time before amassing enough wealth and customers to transition to a full-time direct selling business.

As you might have seen, anyone become a direct seller and make a profit with enough hard work, determination and action. This is mostly due to the flexibility that a direct selling company like Qnet offers to its distributors.

Not only is being a Qnet direct seller an easy and efficient means to begin your entrepreneurial dreams, but it also prepares you for the world with valuable life skills and experiences. All this makes being a direct selling entrepreneur for Qnet a viable and efficient career for many.



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