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Sneha Batra
3 min readDec 30, 2020


In the past, direct door-to-door selling was a job solely left for men. However, with the introduction of top direct selling companies in India Qnet, it has become more of a women’s field of expertise. This change was initiated due to the fact that when the first direct selling companies began in the US, they employed a lot of women to work as their salesperson. This was because these women would we be travelling from and to homes when the men of the family had gone away and had to interact with the housewives. Therefore, it became important that women take up this role so as not to cause issues in society. It was also greatly helped by the fact that women are considered to be more empathetic and were better in making sales when compared to me.

The situation today

Even today, more than 50 per cent of people who are employed by top direct selling network marketing companies in Asia are women. Not only does it provide them with a safe and efficient means of making some extra money for the family, but it also allows them to spend time with their family and to not stay away from their obligations to them.

A top direct selling company in India like Qnet allows its female independent representatives to make their own decision, set their own working hours and business policies and control how they run the business. It also does not have any ceilings or biases that she may face when working in a conventional business firm. All these factors make direct selling network marketing businesses one of the best for women that do not want a full-time commitment.

Like I said earlier, studies have shown that women are actually better at making sales and convincing others when compared to men. And it is not just because they look pretty. Women have been known to showcase more empathy towards others and to be more understanding- two skills that are essential to being a successful salesperson.

The future of women in direct selling

The future for women in direct selling bright and prosperous. With the increase in demand for direct selling independent representatives and the advancements in eCommerce and online selling, the number of opportunities for women in the field is now more than ever.

There has been an increase in the number of women, especially younger women who have shown interest in top direct selling companies in India like Qnet. For them, it is a career opportunity that allows them to live the life that they desire and not be impeded by restrictions and a glass ceiling.

As you can see, a top direct selling company in India can do a lot of good things when it comes to helping women to start their own careers and to take advantage of their life. If you have any more ideas or thoughts on how direct selling companies like Qnet can help women to succeed and to be their own bosses, please share in the comments below.



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