Qnet and MCFC: A Relationship for the Ages!

Qnet has always been at the forefront of creating good and long-lasting relationships. And one relationship that Qnet is very proud of is the one between Qnet and MCFC, or the Manchester City Football Club. Originally a partnership that began in 2014, due to the impact that Qnet and MCFC have had on each other, the deal has been extended till 2021, marking a 10-year relationship.

Qnet has become Manchester City Football Club’s official direct selling partner in a relationship that is beneficial for both the entities. Qnet sponsors both the men’s football team and women’s football team in Manchester City Football Club.

Qnet and sports

Qnet has always been a strong supporter of sportsmanship and the things that it can do to improve various aspects of direct selling. Qnet believes that sports can help in bringing in the sense of integrity, teamwork, confidence and leadership, all things that are essential for any direct selling independent representatives. In the past, Qnet has partnered with top tennis star like Martina Hingis, who was the Qnet brand ambassador from 2015 to 2016. Qnet India is still partnered up with Chetan Korada, the first disabled driver to win a major racing event. These are just some of the sports personalities that Qnet has a relationship with.

The relationship of Qnet and MCFC

The relationship between Qnet and MCFC has helped in making Qnet a household name all around the world. It has helped Qnet to gain a new air of authenticity and genuineness, thanks to being associated with such a highly established and respected football club. And to celebrate this monumental announcement, Qnet even came up with a limited edition ‘QnetCity Champions’ watch that was designed and created by the master watchmakers of Switzerland.

I hope that most of you have seen why the relationship between Qnet and MCFC has been beneficial in helping Qnet to become a household name around the globe. If you have doubts or concerns about the same, you can speak about the same in the comments below. You can also follow my page to get more updates on Qnet and MCFC.

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