Network Marketing Tricks for Beginners

Sneha Batra
3 min readApr 30, 2021

Direct selling network marketing can be a hard business for beginners to make it in, especially if they do not have anyone to guide them. One of the best things about joining a direct selling business like QNET is that there will always be someone to show you the ropes and to help you succeed. But this article is for people who want to make it on their own. Here are 4 tips that all network marketing beginners should keep in mind.

Follow your passion

Always follow your passion. This is simply the best advice anyone can give. Similarly, it is important that you are passionate about the network marketing business you are doing as well as the products that you will be selling. When you are passionate, you will wake up every day happy that you are getting to do what you like once again. And truthfully, that’s more than what most people can claim in life.

Know you product

Your product is the most important part of your direct selling network marketing business. Therefore it is important that you know everything that is to know about it. There is nothing worse and more humiliating than your customer asking you a question about the product and you do not have an answer for it.

Expand your network

Expanding your network and getting more people to join your sales team is simply the best and most efficient way to scale your direct selling network marketing business. Everyone you meet is a new member of your sales team. There is more pain in regret than in rejection. Also, build a network of people who are always ready to buy your products. It is 4 times as expensive to get a new customer than to retain your old ones. The creation and popularity of social media have also made growing your network easier than ever before.

Set boundaries

There are a lot of boundaries that you have to keep when you run a direct selling network marketing business. As a business that you can do at home, during your leisure hours, it is very easy for you to spend too much time engrossed in it and not spending time with family. It is very easy to feel burned out and tired if you do not set boundaries in your network marketing business.

When you start a direct selling network marketing business, it is important to start off on the correct foot. With these simple and effective steps, you will be stand apart from the competition. If you have any other advice that you want to share with network marketing beginners, feel free to add it to the comments below. Also, follow my page for regular updated about the direct selling business as well as other QNET products.



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