How to Stop the Spread of Misconceptions in Direct Selling?

Direct selling is one industry that has been the target of a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding it. When one misconception or lie dies down, another one springs up to take up its place. But why is it so? And what are the major misconceptions that affect this global giant? Well, my friends have already answered that question for you. Now it is my turn to talk about some of the most common misconceptions and what can be done to curb their spread.

Misinformation is a big issue all around the world. It is not just the direct selling business that has been plagued by misconceptions and misinformation. While many of the myths and misconceptions talked about in this article might be specific to direct selling companies, the solution to prevent it can be used anywhere.

Do your research

One of the most basic and crucial steps when it comes to battling the spread of misinformation is to do your own research. This will allow you to learn the truth for yourself and correct whoever is spreading the lies. Knowledge is power, and it is important that you know everything about the direct selling business, the products you sell and the company that you work for.

Don’t engage in hearsay

This circles back to the first point of doing your research. Just because one of your friends or a distant uncle heard it from someone that direct selling companies like QNET are a scam and not worth it does not make it true. The least you can do is to not spread it without proof; the best is to use facts and logic to correct others.

Check your sources

Just because you found a piece of information on the news or the internet doesn’t make it a better source than your previously mentioned uncle. In this era of social media, it is very easy to spread misinformation and to convince people. There are sources, and then there are reputable sources. When you come across a crucial piece of information, try to check with reputable sources to confirm it before spreading it.

Talk to your uplines

The best people to help you clear misconceptions and doubts are your uplines. They brought you into the business and have more experience than you when it comes to it. They are better at explaining the intricacies of the business and will be happy to clear any doubts you have.


Social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube are great places for misinformation and lies to grow. There is no wonder that the age of social media coincides with the age of misinformation. But these platforms are taking steps to battle misinformation and lies. And you can help them in their efforts by reporting articles, tweets, videos or other sources of misinformation.

Everyone has a part to play in stopping the spread of misinformation, and that includes you. It breaks my heart that a top direct selling company in India like QNET has been targeted by people and have to defend itself. It is important as QNET entrepreneurs and direct sellers, we do our part in.




Just a small town girl lost in the whole wide world. trying to find a path and be who she is meant to be.

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Sneha Batra

Sneha Batra

Just a small town girl lost in the whole wide world. trying to find a path and be who she is meant to be.

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