Fend Off Common Digestion Problems Easier Than Ever Before

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5 min readJan 11, 2022

When we talk about our digestive system, it’s not only about processing food and keeping your gut healthy. Many other vital body organs are a part of our digestive system. Each of these organs plays an essential role, starting from breaking down the food to retrieve nutrients to getting rid of the waste.

Your mouth, oesophagus, liver, stomach, gallbladder, small and large intestines, pancreas, anus and rectum, combined build the whole digestive system. You are likely to feel discomfort throughout your body even if one of these organs is disturbed.

Often Neglected Importance of Digestive Health

The digestive system plays a great role in energizing your body, overall health, and repairing cells. It helps your blood absorb nutrients and minerals by breaking your food and drinks down into molecules. Only then your blood would be able to carry it to the cells in your body.

We often neglect the fact that the starting point of our digestion system is the mouth (initiated by chewing), and it ends in the small intestine. Your mouth uses saliva as the digestive juice starches in food start to break down immediately.

Once it moves to the stomach after swallowing, your oesophagus passes it to your stomach. Your liver is responsible for breaking down the fat with the help of bile acids. The protein is broken down in your stomach before the consumed substances move towards your small intestine.

This movement is called peristalsis, and it uses your small intestine digestive juices to break down the food particles with the help of the small intestine digestive juices.

Most Commonly Faced Digestive Problems

We often face more and less common digestive problems in our busy lives. These problems may have a lot to do with our eating or drinking habits. You may experience some of these issues for several reasons, most commonly because of poor eating habits. You may face various symptoms ranging from constipation to intestinal cramps based on the severity of your problem. Digestive problems can be classified into two main types: Organic and Functional.

Organic digestive disorders are related to structural abnormalities in the digestive system. On the other hand, if everything is good with the structure of your GI tract, but it still doesn’t function well, the problem should be identified as a functional disorder.

How To Overcome the Digestive Problems?

True, it may not always be easy for us to regularly look after what we consume. Building a habit may take you a while, but it’d be worth the patience and consistency when you start seeing its effect on your health.

Important: Not all digestive problems are curable at home. If you feel like simply changing your lifestyle and food isn’t helping, you should seek medical attention immediately.

There are many common and effective remedies known to us for ages. Here is what you can do to look after the health of your digestive system and improve it.

Eat Less But More Frequently

On a long-term weight loss journey, you might have considered eating less or in smaller proportions. This sounds ideal for weight loss, but it is not the best solution. You might end up causing harm to your body by depriving it of food for long intervals.

Instead, you should eat smaller meals but more frequently throughout the day. It will improve the overall function of your body.

It has been observed that our digestive system is more likely to improve and function well this way. You should aim to consume 5–6 small or mini-meals. These meals should be a mix of carbs, healthy fat and protein. Adding additional fibre to the food or drinks is also a better choice. You can sprinkle Nutriplus FibreFit on your meals and receive the lasting benefits of fibre.

Consume More Fiber

Fibre has always been widely renowned for its ability to help you lose weight and keep your heart healthier. It is also one of the key components of the wellness of your digestive system.

Our bodies can’t digest fibre, but it plays a great role in enhancing our digestive system. The soluble fibre creates a gel in your digestive tract. This gel keeps you feeling full and away from hunger for a long time, indirectly making it easier for you to lose weight.

You can count on fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains and fibre supplements like Nutriplus FibreFit for the sufficiency of fibre in your body.

Stay Hydrated All the Time

You should never underestimate the significance of water when it comes to your digestive health. It helps you in cleansing the entire digestive system. If you struggle with constipation, drinking enough water could bring you relief. It helps you in softening your stool and preventing constipation.

Your body would absorb nutrients better if you kept it abundantly hydrated with water throughout the day and before going to bed. You can also try mixing a sachet of Nutriplus FibreFit in your water. It is tasteless, and you won’t notice any difference in the water while drinking it. Still, it will help you in consuming sufficient fibre.

Don’t Hesitate To Consult a Doctor

It’s not uncommon that digestive problems could be chronic too. When you notice that no matter how careful you’re with your diet, the problems are persisting, that’s when you need to consult a doctor without any further delay.

Many health issues related to the digestive system need immediate medical attention. Some serious issues are acid reflux, celiac disease, colitis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, gallstones, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), severe viral or parasitic infections.

Medical attention may be the only way to overcome these issues. That’s why you should never hesitate or delay when it comes to booking an appointment with a gastroenterologist.

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Lastly, Many of us may find digestion problems a bit embarrassing to discuss freely. But you’d be delighted to know that these problems are quite common and you’re not alone. Simply changing your habits and adopting a healthier lifestyle could be your next key to tackling digestion problems.



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