Factors that Ruin your Reputation as a QNET Direct Seller!

In any business, your reputation precedes you and can have a crucial part to play in its success. This is doubly, so when it comes to a direct selling business like Qnet. Warren Buffet once said –“ It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.” In this digital era, I do not think you even need 5 minutes!

Here are some mistakes that you might be doing, knowingly or unknowingly, that is causing your reputation to tank.

Being late

Punctuality is one of the most attractive and professional traits that any businessman can have. It shows that you respect the other person and his or her time. Whether in a face-to-face interaction, a phone appointment or a webinar, being late sets a negative tone to it. Worse still, you will also have to come up with an excuse to why you are late, putting you under more bad lighting.

Overpromising and under-delivering

One problem that many direct sellers accidentally fall into is that they overpromise and underdeliver. This can be the deadlines they set, the profits they promise or the benefits of the products that they are selling. Qnet has set strict rules and guideline on what a Qnet IR can promise their customers to make sure that they do not over-promise.

The only thing worse than not delivering a high-quality product is to promise someone a high-quality product and not delivering on it. Never promise anything that you cannot keep. For this, it is important that you know all that there is to know about your product and its benefits.

Not only does overpromising and underdelivering affect your reputation, but it also ruins the name and reputation of Qnet.

Overemotional reactions

It is very to get emotional when faced with rejections. And as a Qnet direct selling independent representative, you will surely be faced with rejections. It is important that you keep your head cool and think about thinks logically. Once you have been labelled as a hothead or someone whose decisions are governed by emotions, your prospective clients will think twice about making purchases from you or joining your Qnet direct selling team.

Engage in gossip

Engaging in gossip is not just a bad habit in business; it is something you should stay away from every aspect of your life. Always be careful about the words that you use when talking about someone or another company to others as it gives them an idea of what kind of a person you are. You can easily sabotage your own reputation and what people think about you by talking behind someone’s back.

Bad social media actions

Today, social media has more power and influence than ever before. It can easily do any business or break it. Therefore, it is important that you do anything to ruin the social media image of your business and Qnet. This can be anything, including being abusive towards your customers, showing your frustration online or not responding properly to feedback and reviews.

While social media plays an important role in every business, it has a bigger role to play for a company like Qnet, where word-of-mouth marketing and networking is crucial for success.

These are just some of the things that you should keep in mind so that you do not ruin your reputation as a Qnet direct selling representative. If you have more tips or idea on how to improve your reputation as a Qnet direct seller, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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