Direct selling Post Corona virus

Coronavirus has changed the definition of “Normal” in our lives. In the time to come it will change a lot of things. The activities that we considered normal will become a Big no no soon. And the things we thought we’d never do will soon be considered normal as ever.

Direct selling is also seeing some never-before changes. One sector that, while also impacted, has remained strong and even emerged as a viable career solution for many as a result of this pandemic, is the direct selling industry.


Ecommerce is not going down anytime soon. In fact, I believe it will see a boom very soon. Social selling during the pandemic proved to be a boon to many — both for companies and customers. And that is poised to continue to be a strong outlet particularly for direct sellers.

Additionally, as social distancing stands to hold firm as the national protocol, consumers will be more and more reticent to go out and shop, eat and visit close contact services.

The direct selling industry was built for precisely this type of climate. Now, moving forward, it is a matter of combining the knowledge and experience direct selling businesses already have with the tools and resources that can serve to keep them at the top of their game.

The key to moving forward is going to be to understand how the sales landscape, in general, has been impacted and then adopting that which makes communication and interactions between the headquarters, field leaders, distributors, and customers far easier.

People are staying home and doing more. This is the time to get your business online.

Use social media as a tool to benefit you. Read my article on how social media can change your business overnight.

Post Corona

Post corona, the market will be very different. It will not just be a buyer-seller kind of interaction. It will include a lot more than just that. We can also expect a boom in the direct selling industry. You will also be seeing a lot of growth on the local market.


As our Prime Minister said, Lets be Vocal for Local. With so many difficulties for imports and exports due to pandemic, we should start supporting local businesses and small businesses. For marketers, the significant difficulty will be in educating consumers on why the new breed of hyper local products is different than the old “Assembled in X” ones. After years of preaching about locally-made goods, it may be a challenge to walk back to some earlier claims of promoting the new products.g the new even-more-made-in-X labels. This trend is also likely to increase market separation even further.

Growth in Online shopping

Online shopping was peaking even before Covid-19, but now it has tripled and almost everyone is opting for online shopping even for the simplest things. From shoes to groceries, everything is now online. With a lot of people trying to minimize their exposure to the outside world, this is going to supremely benefit the online shopping trend.

The world around us is going to change even as we speak. The world we knew is not the world we live in now or will in future. For starters, we meet everyone with a mask now. Hugs and handshakes are now considered life threatening. Corona virus has already claimed over 324,974 lives. Let’s evolve with time and as per the requirements of today, let’s stay safe. We are all battling against Covid-19, and we should be able to beat this pandemic together.



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