Choosing a good direct selling Company to join

Sneha Batra
4 min readJan 21, 2022

One of the biggest factors to look into when it comes to starting your journey as a direct selling entrepreneur is the company that you choose to work with. The company you choose will decide how successful you become as a direct seller. That is why it is important to choose a direct selling company that fits your needs and goals. But how do you find the perfect direct selling company for your needs? What are the factors that differentiate a good direct selling company from another? In this article, we will talk about some of the factors to look out for when choosing a direct selling business.

The products they sell

I have often heard that a direct selling company is only as good as the products that they have. Since the main business plan of a direct selling company is the direct sale of products to retail customers, it is important to choose a direct selling company that has good products. If the products you sell are of good quality, then you will be able to sell more of them and to make a much better profit from your sales.

The compensation plan

Choosing a direct selling company that has a good direct selling compensation plan is just as important. As a direct seller for a top direct selling company in the world like QNET, your profits are heavily dependent on commissions that you get through your sales. Therefore, always choose a direct selling company that has a strong and rewarding compensation plan in place.

The legacy of the company

Direct selling is one of those tricky fields where there are a lot of bad actors. It is one of the reasons that some people still cannot find the difference between direct selling and pyramid schemes. Therefore, it is extremely important that you choose a direct selling company that is legitimate and trustworthy. One way of finding if a direct selling business is legitimate is by joining a business that has a legacy. For instance, QNET has been an active direct selling company for over 23 years, in over 30 countries.

The main reason that choosing a direct selling company with tenure can help you out is because illegitimate pyramid schemes that masquerade as legitimate direct selling businesses cannot stand the test of time. The main reason why pyramid schemes are dangerous is that they all fail in the end. In a pyramid scheme, money collected as joining fees from a new recruit is used to pay earlier members. And as the stream of new recruits run out, so does the money and the business crashes.

Opportunity for growth

Direct selling companies are not just a great place to earn money, but it is also a great opportunity to grow. One of the most empowering thing possible for someone to do is to start a business and turn it into a success. Therefore, it is important to choose a direct selling business that allows you to grow and improve yourself, both as an individual and as a business. Running a successful direct selling company can teach you many valuable lessons like time and money management, leadership skills, interpersonal skills and more. Therefore, always choose a direct selling business that gives the ability to grow and learn with it.

Your upline

In direct selling network marketing, your uplines are your mentors or teachers that show you the way. Direct selling can be a tough industry to break into, especially if you do not have prior experience in sales. That is why it is important to have good uplines who will show you the way. These mentors can help you avoid many pitfalls that they themselves must have faced and show you the way to achieve success in the long run.

There are many factors that should be taken into consideration when talking about starting a direct selling business. But by keeping these few points in mind, you will be able to make a good decision when it comes to choosing a direct selling business. I myself am a direct seller for QNET India and is absolutely proud of it. They have some of the best products to sell, a very good and inspiring compensation plan and of the best support system for entrepreneurs to succeed. If you are interested in becoming a QNET direct seller, head to their website to learn more.



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