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Sneha Batra
4 min readMar 26, 2021


When it comes to promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, QNET Nutriplus is one name that stands above the rest. Health is the most important investment that you can keep and it is important to make sure that you take at most care in maintaining it. However, these days, it is easier said than done. The change in lifestyle, diet, and the environment that we live in as a whole has made it hard for people to remain healthy and happy. That is why special care is needed when it comes to taking care of our health, especially in cities.

Why do we need to make Nutriplus Products a daily routine?

There are a number of reasons why it has become more important than ever to include supplementation in your daily routine. People in the past used to be healthier thanks to a number of reasons. This includes access to a cleaner living environment that is not polluted, an active lifestyle, reduced stress, and a better diet. People today have a much harsher work environment where stress and just sitting for hours is the common norm. This has had a great negative impact on our health and is one of the most crucial things to take care of. Add to it the mix of an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, and overall lack of activity makes obesity and cardiovascular issues a cause of major concern to the population today. Also, studies have found that the fruits and vegetables that are being grown today are having fewer nutrients than in the past. As you can see, Nutriplus products have become crucial if you are looking to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Nutriplus products to make a part of your daily routine

Nutriplus from QNET has a diverse and varied range of healthcare supplements and products that are aimed at making your life as healthy and happy as possible. Here is a list of my favourite Nutriplus products and why I use them every day

Nutriplus GutHealth: Your gut plays a huge role in maintaining a healthy life, both mentally and physically. Nutriplus GutHealth contains 5 kinds of bacteria that are beneficial for your gut and works as a probiotic.

Nutriplus ImmunHealth: Your immunity is your best defence against any number of diseases and health problems. Therefore, it is important that you keep your immunity up at all times. Nutriplus ImmunHealth contains the power of papaya leaf extract, guduchi satwa and aloe vera to naturally help your immunity and to improve it.

Nutriplus DiabaHealth: Diabetes is a major cause of concern in India. And one of the best ways to reduce your chance of diabetes is by managing your blood sugar levels. Nutriplus DiabaHealth uses the power of Malabar kino, a natural insulin mimic to control blood sugar levels and allow you to lead a healthy life.

Nutriplus DailyHealth: Nutriplus DailyHealth is my favourite daily health supplement that I use every day. Nutriplus DailyHealth contains wild AFA extract, which is rich in a wide spectrum of phytonutrients and nutrients that keep the cell healthy. AFA is a kind of blue-green algae, widely considered a superfood.

Nutriplus EDG3: Nutriplus EDG3 activates the natural healing power of glutathione, a kind of amino acid that is naturally produced in the body. It helps in detoxification, improves energy levels as well as the immune systems.

Nutriplus BoneHealth: It is important to make sure that your bones are healthy and strong as you age. It reduces the chances of osteoporosis, helps improve immunity and supports healthy muscle and nerve function.

Nutriplus LivHealth: Your liver is a crucial organ that is essential for a healthy life. The modern diet and alcohol abuse has left the liver beaten and bruised. Nutriplus LivHealth uses the power of Ganoderma lucidum or Lingzhi mushroom to improve liver health.

These are just some of the Nutriplus product that I have made as a part of my daily routine. It has helped me to live a healthy, active, and happy life.



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