Best Stay at Home Jobs for Mothers

As a woman, finding the balance between family life and work-life can be a big challenge. Especially in developing countries like India, most women end up having to choose to quit their jobs and stay home to take care of their family. However, just because you are always needed in the house doesn’t mean that you cannot have an income source of your own. Here are some jobs ideal for women who wish to take care of their family while contributing to its income.

Selling homemade Food and Baked Goods

If you are someone who is good at cooking food, why not get paid for it? There is a growing demand for homemade food and baked goods, especially in growing cities. You can also start a food blog or YouTube channel to share your wisdom about food.

Tutor or Instructor

As schools and colleges have closed down due to the pandemic, they have had to turn to online classes to do their job. If they can do it, why not you? By becoming an online tutor, you are no longer limited by your need to stay at home or city boundaries. You can choose to teach academics, a skill that you have like playing the piano or even English to students from foreign countries.

Direct Sales

If you can find a legitimate direct selling company, then becoming a direct seller might be the best career opportunity for you. Direct selling jobs have many advantages over conventional careers and one of the leading ones is the flexibility that allows you to have. You can decide your work hours and goals, meaning that you will be able to keep your work life and family life in balance. The key to a successful career as a direct selling entrepreneur is to choose the correct direct selling company and doing the work to become rich. My suggestion is Qnet, one of the top direct selling companies in Asia.

Arts and Crafts

Have an artistic side to you that you always wanted to bring out. This is your chance to make something from your passion and to get paid for it. You can decide to sell the products on their own in an online store, or you could use the power of YouTube to create a small following of fans. The opportunities are endless.


Thousands of stay at home mothers have found success by turning to blog. However, it also means that it is a crowded field. Finding a niche and consolidating a loyal fanbase is important if you want to make money as a blogger today. You can also use advertising, affiliate marketing and selling information to make money from blogs.

Freelance content creator

Websites and online magazine need content and are willing to pay for good quality ones. Copywriting might be the most lucrative freelance writing out there, but you can make money with SEO, resumes, articles and more.


There are my new and different types of microwork that you can do. You can work as a transcriber or translator, work on research content and even as a virtual business assistant.

These are just some of the jobs or side hustles that you can at the comfort of your house without sacrificing your family time. There are many more out there that could be ideal for you. Having a job of your own is the most crucial step to financial freedom and empowerment for women.



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